RE/MAX Land and Development Corporate Stinger

We put this stinger together for ReMax Land and Development and Belize Island Realty for them to use on all of their visual media.

The Ask: The client wanted something that would make a statement about their niche without diverting attention from the brand.

What We Did: We knocked out the classic ReMax branding and added a moving background that introduced ocean waters, exploding into a burst of sunshine that fades into the logo. Last but not least, we pulled in a compelling, cinematic soundtrack using royalty-free music commissioned just for the piece. The crescendo is dramatic and moves with the animation. Boom. 

Belize Real Estate Corporate Video Stinger

Lighthouse recently helped Pelican Properties with a corporate presentation for their new virtual property tour at Grand Caribe. This new stinger will be featured on all of their upcoming videos.

The Ask: The client wanted to be true to the dynamic nature of the brand, which is all about the sweet lifestyle we enjoy here on Ambergris Caye.

What We Did: Taking their existing logo, we deconstructed it and put it back together in a motion-action sequence that really draws the eyes. We raised the animation off the background for a 3D effect while introducing a burst of awesome Belize sunshine to brighten it up. While the result is visually uplifting, the music really makes it stand out: a little snippet that could be the intro to a cool house groove, it instantly raises the spirit, which is exactly what you want when you’re selling happiness. 

Virtual Property Tour: Grand Caribe E3

We were hired to create a virtual property tour for a new unit that had recently become available at Grand Caribe on Ambergris Caye. Grand Caribe Suites and Residences is Belize’s finest residential resort development. Less than 2 miles from the heart of San Pedro Town, it in a prime location and is fronted by some of the prettiest waters in the entire Caribbean. The unit is a beautiful, two-bedroom, two-bathroom, luxury, ground floor condo with amazing “straight out” views of the ocean.

The Ask: Pelican Properties wanted a compelling visual tour that would help sell the property. It had to be elegant, and it needed to capture the unit in a way that highlighted its luxurious interiors and spectacular beachside location.

What We Did: Using drone video photography, we captured some amazing perspectives of the property from every angle. Sweeping in from above, we were able to show everything about the location: the pools, the beach access, the gorgeous expanse of ocean and reef, and the layout of the complex from a few different angles for maximum effect. Moving inside, the wide-angle interior shots pan slowly across each room. We added dynamic moving titles and a soundtrack, which is relaxing and groovy at the same time - somewhere between smooth jazz and a romance film soundtrack. It’s soft and subtle, and you can almost feel the sweet caress of the soft ocean breezes.

Virtual Property Tour: Cayo Rosario

We were hired by RE/MAX Land and Development to create a flyover Virtual Tour of a private island property, Cayo Rosario.

The Ask: The company needed a video of a stunning developent property.

What We Did: The catch was that we had a very short window of time in which to get the job done. Our work was further complicated by the remote location of the property, and required us to coordinate several elements. We needed a boat and boat captain to get us there, we needed light at the right time of day, and we needed the wind and weather conditions to be favorable. We shot the flyover sequence with a drone and put it together for them to use. Due to time constraints, we were unable to produce any animated titles or lower thirds, but we did add some rather majestic sounding music to sweeten the pot. 

Ten Belize, A New Division of Lighthouse Media Group, Gets Its Brand New Logo

We are proud to introduce the logo for Ten Belize, A Division of Lighthouse Media Group

We are proud to introduce the logo for Ten Belize, A Division of Lighthouse Media Group

Ten Belize is a division of Lighthouse Media Group that began as an idea to offer high-quality photographic print products to local businesses starting at just ten dollars. What started as a value-added service for Lighthouse clients quickly grew to become its own going concern, doing a brisk business providing a full suite of photography services, prints, stock photography, marketing photography and so much more. As our reputation grew, the word quickly got around that Ten Belize was the best quality and value on Ambergris Caye, and we found ourselves fielding requests for portraits, weddings, real estate and property shoots, events, festivals, website content and so much more. The upshot of this is that we love what we do, so we embraced the growth with open arms, giving the residents and business owners of Belize what they were after. The logo was designed to exemplify the Belize lifestyle: swinging in a hammock under a palm tree, pelican flying overhead, and the ‘ten out of ten’ rating we assign to our decision to live here on la Isla Bonita. Of course, we still offer our original 10 BZD deal, as that is what the big idea was in the first place, even though Ten Belize has grown and come to represent so much more. 

Quick and Simple: Logo Workup for Remax Land and Development

Remax is a favorite client of Lighthouse and we love to create new things that helps them promote Belize to the best of their ability.

Remax is a favorite client of Lighthouse and we love to create new things that helps them promote Belize to the best of their ability.

ReMax Land and Development is a division of ReMax, though a completely different set of individuals than the real estate group (Remax Island Real Estate). They specialize in developing properties for residential, commercial and industrial use, and have their fingers on the pulse of what is possible in Belize and on the island of Ambergris Caye. They needed a quick turnaround on this project, something that would state their purpose with authenticity, and we took on the job with gusto. By combining a simple, impactful message with their existing classic ReMax logo, we were able to deliver on our promises to keep it fresh and straight to the point. When you see their branding on their various materials, including the placard shown, there is absolutely no doubt that you ‘get’ what they do: you see their message and the imagery, you immediately understand that they trade in potential, set against the backdrop of the crystal blue waters of the Caribbean. As much as we are dedicated to our own existences here in Belize, we are proud to support the businesses that make it such a great place to live. This was another fast turnaround job, and we were happy to oblige, providing high quality, press-ready artwork in record time so that the client could meet their mandated deadlines.