Betancourt Apartments Makes a Bold Statement With Their New Logo

Betancourt Apartments is a residential property group that needed a logo to make a bold and professional statement about who they are and what they offer. They wanted a brand image that represented them as modern and contemporary, yet conveyed a certain level of comfort and steadfastness that would inspire confidence. Since the market for residential property is quite competitive, we needed to create a design that would stand head and shoulders above the rest. What we came up with is strong, simple and beautiful, a design that immediately conveys that Betancourt Apartments are not just providing a place to stay, they are offering comfort and security.

In the design, the peaks of three houses are silhouetted against a wave, with deep, contrasting silver, red and black tones against a brushed metal texture. The colors are gradated to provide an impactful sense of design flair to support their message: We are in the business of residential dwellings. This is where people come to feel secure. This is a place they can call home. By integrating this logo into all of their branding, they offer the public an easy way to identify them, and to remember them. It’s a simple, versatile, memorable and enduring reminder of who they are and what they stand for.