Camp StarFish: A Unique Project Close to Our Hearts

Camp Starfish is a special project Lighthouse Advertising and Design was proud to be a part of.

Camp Starfish is a special project Lighthouse Advertising and Design was proud to be a part of.

Camp Starfish is a special project Lighthouse Advertising and Design took on to be of service to a great cause that is dear to our hearts. In business only two years, the camp caters to special needs children in Belize, where there is, unfortunately, a huge disconnect in the provision of services for those living with mental, physical or developmental disabilities.

The idea was to create an environment that would help to remove the stigma of living with a disability, while offering speech and physical therapy, teaching new ways of learning, and introducing art, sports and a true summer camp experience to children who may never have otherwise had the chance. In addition, they provide valuable resources and education for the families as well, with the ultimate goal of helping those with special needs to become more confident and independent.

It’s a free camp, and there is no age limit on those who attend. All teachers and aides are passionate volunteers who have donated their time to making a difference in the lives of those who need it most. Lighthouse Advertising and Design was thrilled to throw our hat in the ring to help Camp Starfish, and we volunteered to create a logo that they could use on all of their branding, as well as camp apparel. What we came up with is a logo that combines everything they stand for.

The first thing that you’ll notice is three children on a beach. The middle child is in a wheelchair, and is holding hands with a boy and a girl on either side. There is a show of hands reaching out to them from all around in a rainbow of colors to represent the depth of their diversity. The hands are reminiscent of arts and crafts painting projects a child might do in school or at camp. The font for the logo itself has a beachside feel to it without being overly stylized, and is punctuated by a starfish (of course) surrounded by what could be interpreted as a life preserver or a string of pearls. Either would be symbolically appropriate: representing the true lifeline that the camp is providing for children and families with special needs, and the infinite pearls of kindness and good will that make up this community.

Lighthouse Advertising and Design is proud to have contributed to this worthy undertaking, and we will continue to support Camp Starfish in their efforts to provide a brighter future and more independence for those with special needs. 

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